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water wash

Water Wash Plates

Asahi AWP-DEW Water Wash Printing Plates

We at B.W.J. Graphics are always seeking to be more efficient, to offer the highest quality of products, and be environmentally friendly in what we do. This machine checks all of those boxes and allows us to offer a new product to our customers.

Asahi AWP™ CleanPrint water-washable flexographic plates are processed without VOC-based washout solvents and deliver a faster time to press than VOC solvent-based plates. Asahi´s CleanPrint water-washable flexographic photopolymer plate technology’s ability to deliver high-quality print performance is a result of its engineered photopolymer chemistry design. The water-wash technology also features a low surface energy plate resulting in fewer press stops for plate cleaning for significantly improved press efficiency and reducing press waste. All of these elements make them the most sustainable flexographic plates in the industry.

Check out our news story about this machine and how we produce plates with it

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